When will I get my Loud Bicycle horn?

New Loud Bicycle horn orders ship every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 AM Eastern Time. Once your horn ships you will receive a tracking number by email.

Estimated shipping times from shipment day by region after shipment is sent:

  • US: 1-2 days
  • Europe (except Sweden), Canada 1-2 weeks
  • Sweden 1 month
  • Australia, East Asia 3-4 weeks.
  • South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East up to one month.

bike in Moscow

Where can I put my button?

You can attach the button to flat handlebars or drop bars with a velcro strap. The cable for the button is 2.5 ft. and we offer a button extension cable that is 2.5ft. long.

loud button connecting
loud button connected
Loud bicycle horn button
Loud button

Where can I put my Loud Mini?

The Loud Mini fits on standard handlebars with an aluminum attachment. The Loud Mini mounting is compatible with GoPro ® allowing for many mounting options using aftermarket components.

cycle horn

I’m so excited to take my Loud Classic out of the box!

We are so excited for you to get it on your bike! Careful to pull it out by the “ears” like shown here so you don’t twist the speaker parts.

loud horn box

Where can I put my Loud Classic?

We like attaching the Loud Classic horn to a stem, but depending your bike you can attach it to either the top tube or the down tube. The location on the tube where it is attached must be no more than 1.5 inches wide and no more than 1.8 inches in height. The tube need not be circular, the rubber shims will provide a tight fit for a variety of shapes and also protect the paint.

loud classic horn on stem
loud classic
loud classic
loud classic

Can I use my Loud Classic on my recumbent or folding bike?

Yes, you may need the button extension cable though. Pictures coming soon.

Can I use my Loud Classic on my sweet ride?

Yes! We've seen Loud Classic horns on all sorts of awesome bikes. Please send us pictures.

loud classic horn on stem
loud classic horn on stem
loud classic horn on stem

Can I paint my Loud Classic a different color?

Yes you can spray paint your horn any color as long as it matches your bike.

loud classic horn on stem

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